Professional Profiles


A profile tells who you are, what you provide and why others should think of you when they need the services you offer. Bio-style pieces and LinkedIn profiles help attract customers or secure new jobs.

Plans and Proposals


   This business and communications plan was cited as a "difference-maker" by a city administrator when the client won a five-year municipal contract that will grow their revenues and customer base by more than 50% in Year 1. 

Business Stories


For a B2B organization seeking growth through acquisitions, sellers' stories have been an effective way to attract prospects or start conversations with business owners considering retirement or a transition. 

Podcast Previews


I'm proud to contribute columns to Startland News, a Kansas City-based online  publication covering entrepreneurism and innovation. My posts cover select marketing, business and lifestyle podcasts. 

Retirement Planning


Financial literacy is sorely lacking. A  client project was an opportunity to write 75+ summaries of financial professionals' conversations about retirement planning, a topic we all must embrace in time. 

Blog Writing


Blog writing helps establish credibility. My experience working  in multiple roles and industries, along with an ability to understand others' businesses, allows me to write in relatable terms on clients' behalf.



Crafting a brand promise and beliefs tells others what they can expect from working with you.  This example has timeless information about an organization that promotes workplace disability inclusion.

LinkedIn Profiles


A well-written LinkedIn profile includes a summary of professional accomplishments, community involvement, honors and off-work interests. It helps others feel they know you before you ever meet.



Through relationship-building and targeted asks, I've placed clients in the media as guests and thought leaders to increase their visibility and recognition in the communities where they live and work.

Website Content


In a search-first market, helping product or service providers concisely state their offerings is highly beneficial. This  project complements the client's LinkedIn profile, which I also wrote.

Event Awareness


Since 2003, Head for the Cure has raised $10 million for brain cancer research. Connecting with survivors and getting their stories told through print, TV and radio is among my most gratifying work.

Trade Publications


Whether for print or digital, trade publication articles take on an advertorial appearance, allowing sponsors to conversationally inform or engage readers about the services they offer.

Website Creation


I built a site to provide visibility to an alternate business of mine, communicate its Brand Promise and describe the available services. I can do the same for other service providers.

TV Appearance - KC Live


This appearance by the CEO of Kansas City-based Global Orphan Project helped draw 800 volunteers on a Saturday to create 100,000 meals for families in crisis across the world.

Tutor Doctor Blog Post


For a Toronto-based, global franchisor of tutoring services, I draw on my experience as a student and parent to regularly blog about the benefits of education.



Sponsorship of a trade show's keynoter - sportscaster Greg Gumbel - was a CEO's opportunity to inform attendees about his company and to creatively connect Greg to the  industry. Image credit -  LP Gas Magazine.

Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing starts conversations that generate  leads or sell a product or service. This B2B execution boldly announced both a geographic expansion and the buyer's value proposition to prospective acquisitions. 

Testimonial Print Ad


A print ad featuring endorsements from happy stakeholders can not only convey trust and satisfaction, but also be the spark that moves prospects to call, send an email or go online to learn more - and connect.

Career Advancement


From a referral, I recently helped an Oklahoma staff attorney recharge his career. I wrote his resume - and a profile highlighting his achievements - and he quickly transitioned to a high-caliber law firm.

Spot Interviewing


For Helzberg Diamonds, I helped capture a surprise wedding proposal after a Kansas City Royals baseball game. My interview with the happy couple ran on local TV and the client’s social media channels.

Board Member


At The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City, I've engaged highly sought-after experts to speak at events, helping our members and guests become more knowledgeable creative practitioners and entrepreneurs. 

Panel Participant


I was honored to represent The Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Global Entrepreneurship Week, speaking about mentoring to an audience of early-stage venture entrepreneurs.

Business Development


The GPA serves 3,000+ members, advancing grant-making through education, certification and collaboration. Print and digital projects have included member acquisition, reinstatement and program enrollment.

Panel Moderator


Moderating a panel discussion is an excellent opportunity to educate an audience, think on your feet and keep a lively conversation moving. I've done this several times for The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City.